Advertising Your Campaign

There are many different places where you can advertise your mobile campaign. The more exposure and places you get to display your campaign, the better your results will be when using mobile marketing. Check out a few of these mediums where you can display your keyword and opt-in campaigns.


Magazine ads are a great way to advertise your keyword campaign. If you're currently running advertisements in a large publication, you can quickly reach 100's of thousands of readers with your mobile marketing campaign.


Use some of your existing print material to advertise your text-2-join campaign. Use some of the incentive based ideas that were given in the "How Do I Get Numbers?" section to boost your response to the flyers and brochures.


Using your website to advertise can be a great way to notify existing clients and potential customers of your mobile campaign.

Ebay Auctions

This is a great place to offer a discount or coupon. At the bottom of your listing, input a text-2-join action and offer a potential customer a discount.

Radio Stations

Advertising a keyword at the end of a radio station advertisement is a great way to engage listeners with your mobile campaign. Many of our clients have been successful with event based mobile campaigns by simply giving away free tickets via a radio text-2-join promotion.

YouTube Video/Commercials

Putting text-2-join keywords in YouTube videos that explain your products and services are a great way to advertise your campaigns. Put them in the description section and at the end of the videos in the form of a call to action.


Use your twitter status update as a way to broadcast a mobile campaign to your followers.


Use your Facebook status update on your business' fan page to broadcast a mobile campaign.

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