Bars & Nightclubs

Collect Numbers

Collect numbers at the door prior to entry or use strategically placed signs that advertise your text-2-join campaign. Televisions and other types of screens that can be used to broadcast work very effectively with SMS marketing. If you have a web site for your nightclub or bar, make sure to use the web opt-in form that comes with every account to get people to sign up. Lots of nightclubs offer discounted entry if you sign up for the text message list.



Club Entry

Broadcast Your Message

Send a message out to your list with your weekly or daily specials. If you're having a special event, broadcast a mass message to everyone in your list to get more people out to your venue. Encourage your customers to forward the message to their friends to get the word spread.

Keep Your Venue Packed

With text message marketing, you can consistently reach 1000's of potential customers everyday that your bar and restaurant is open. Advertise your attractive drink specials and events. Reach out to your customer before they decide where they are going to go for the night. Don't let your door be the first time they hear from you; get them before they get ready for the night.

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