Churches & Social Groups

You can send messages that include biblical citations and congregational alerts to a group or an individual. This provides religious leaders with a level of connectivity and support that was previously unavailable outside of traditional church services. Ultimately, this has the potential to strengthen the religious bond in communities and encourage a stream of continuous communication between its members.

SMS works great for:

Send Daily Words

Send out a daily word message that inspires people spiritually and encourages them to apply scripture in their daily lives.

Alert Members

Quickly alert a congregation of important news and changes in schedule.

Boost Offering

Boost offerings by sending out monthly reminders of the churches' operating expenses.

Communicate with members of your social organizations instantly. Send updates to parents, members of the groups, and other important people to let them know of schedule and location changes. Express Text can work great with all sorts of organizations such as:

Sports Teams

Greek Organizations

Scholastic Clubs

Youth Groups

Book Clubs


...and just about any organization or social group that needs to update its members quickly and efficiently.

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