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Fashion Boutique: Save 25% on select women's shoes online & in store with coupon code SAVE25 at check out! Expires 06/30. Reply, STOP to opt out.

SMS Marketing for Retail

SMS Marketing has been tested and proven to yield higher ROIs for retailers. ExpressText allows you too quickly and easily reach your customers about limited time in store sales and events. For example, you can send a text blast to all of your subscribed customers about receiving 25% off on their next visit. Other ways you can use SMS Marketing include:

  • Send an exclusive one day only sale invitation
  • Send a mobile coupon
  • Announce free shipping day
  • Introduce your newest lineup of brands or products
  • Announce the end of a season sales event
  • Notify all of your subscribed customers about your online exclusives

Text Message Blast For Nightclubs

Reaching out to customers who have different plans for the weekend may be hard to convince unless of course, you have something better to offer and you announce it before your competitors do. A text message marketing strategy for your nightclub is the key to getting more people right at your door. Have an event coming up? Need to spread the word fast? With ExpressText, you can quickly send a text blast to announce your events and drink specials to all of your subscribed customers. Other ideas you can send via text blast to entice customers to attend your events include:

  • Open bar and Happy hour
  • Bring-a-friend
  • Table reservations
  • Special guest DJ in town
  • Freebies for the first 50 guests
  • Discounted price at the door or free entry with text
  • Ladies night
  • Ticket sales
  • Birthday Reminder
  • Artist Announcement
  • Freebies for the first 50 guests
  • Send an image of your flyer

Happy Birthday! Join us tonight ©Club X for amazing vibes and music. Show this text for FREE entry for you and a friend before 11pm. Reply, STOP to opt out.

It's almost time for dinner, reserve your table tonight at Ruth's Steak House and come experience our new menu items cooked by the amazing Chef Stefano! Reply, STOP to opt out.

Text Message Marketing for Restaurants

Text Marketing is an effective way to keep your customers in the know about your latest specials, new menu items, but most importantly it can help your restaurant establish trust and loyalty with customers which in return will get you more repeat business. With ExpressText you can send a text blast to greet a loyal customer on his birthday, offer a free dessert, 15% discount, and more. These are just a few of the thoughtful ways that you can make your customer feel special. Other ways you can use text message marketing include:

  • New business hours
  • Free delivery during slow days
  • Lunch Specials
  • Dinner Specials
  • Online ordering
  • Happy Hour
  • Catering
  • Ticket sales
  • Special events
  • Corporate outings
  • Reservations
  • Send a mobile coupon

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