Text-2-Join allows users to interact with your campaigns via their mobile devices.

The text to join campaign works great in places that you want to give more information to a potential customer or client. In return you can get their mobile information to add to your list and you can connect with them using text message marketing at a later date.


Your Website or Blog




Table Tents

Billboards & Buildings

Facebook Pages


You can advertise your text-to-join campaign, just about anywhere you can reach people. - Yellow Pages

  • Magazine Ads
  • For Sale Ads
  • Commercials
  • Radio Ads
  • Bus Benches
  • Car Listings
  • Real estate Listings
  • Vehicles

There are too many to list. Everywhere that traditional forms of advertising are displayed is a place that you can put your keyword campaigns because people almost always carry their mobile devices on them. This means that at any time, you can be reaching them with a mobile campaign.

Supported Carriers

  • att logo
  • verizon logo
  • sprint logo
  • next logo
  • t mobile logo
  • virgin logo
  • metro logo
  • us cellular logo