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There are 292 million cell phones in the U.S. cell phone marketing represents a major opportunity to small, medium and large businesses to reach out to their targeted markets. By 2012, almost 50% of cell phone owners in the U.S. will have data and smart phones. Mobile is no longer the future, its the present and everyone should learn it now and get in if they want to succeed in the new age of marketing.

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Cell phone marketing allows you to send picture, video, and mobile web page links to cell phones via a text message. Smart phones are capable of displaying almost everything that a computer can. This can greatly improve your cell phone marketing campaigns. Our system is incredible simple. All you do is:

  • - Sign up for an account
  • - Create a group
  • - Add a few numbers
  • - Send out your message
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When people are new to cell phone marketing they often seem to be confused as to how they get numbers. Well, sms marketing is very easy. You simply ASK people for their cell phone number. You can have sign up sheets in your place of business and offer your customers a discount if they join your cell phone marketing list. Lots of our clients promote their sms marketing lists on their web site. They offer coupons and or updates via text message if users sign up. Click Here to find more information on how to build a sms marketing list.

How do I get numbers?

In order to recieve, you must first give. You need to understand that a persons mobile number may be the most guarded number they have after their Social Security number. People leave their homes with 3 things: keys, wallet/purse, and their cell phone. It’s a personal connection and they aren’t just going to give it to you without first getting something in return.

- Offer them exlusive access to a deal, promotion or event that they can not otherwise get if they don’t share their mobile number.
- Give them something of value for FREE. People like getting things for free.

sign up sheets

Sign Up Sheets
Something as simple a piece of paper that asks for someones name and mobile number can generate 100’s of numbers if positioned in the right place and properly used.


Have clients or customers text in to get a deal. For example, “Text EXPRESS to 545454 to get 15% of your next purchase of credits!”

point of sale

Point Of Sale
This is the greatest opportunity to get information from your customers. Let them know why it would benefit them to give you their number and they will be willing to share.

web form

Web Form
We offer a web form to enhance your mobile marketing campaings. It can be integrated into your Facebook, Blog, Twitter, and Website. This is a great way to get exposure.

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How can I use ExpressText to improve my business?

customer reward Customer Rewards
People love being rewarded for simply being a good patron. When someone purchases a product from you, collect their number at the point of sale and send them a simple “Thank you for your purchase” text, or give them a coupon for their next purchase.

sales promotions Sales Promotions
Sms Marketing allows you to reach people at anytime with at text message that they WILL read. The next time you think of having a sale, make sure you send out a text message to let your most valuable clients know that it exisits. This can greatly improve revenue.

reminders Reminders
If you’ve ever had to call a client to remind them of an appointment or a phone call then you understand how valuable sms marketing can be. Our system allows you to schedule reminders right after you schedule the appointment.

2-Way Conversations 2-Way Conversations
Opinions are meant to be heard, especially if they are from the people who keep you in business. Ask your clients to give you their opinion on a new idea,product, or service. They will be glad you considered them.

Connect to our API Connect to our API
If you have a web application and wish to send a notification every time an action occurs in your app,ExpressText can help you with that. Confirm a registration, or account password update.

Learn More About Your Customers Learn More About Your Customers
With ExpressText, you can use sms marketing to poll your customers and get more info about what they like and how they shop. This can help you greatly in determining when to run ads or when to do sales promotions.

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